Welcome to Greece! As soon as you step foot in Greece you’ll be greeted by your private driver who will take you to your accommodation for a quick fresh-up before your Greek adventures begin!

You and your little ones will enjoy a private Athens Family Treasure Hunt that will lead you across all of the city in an effort to catch the clues that will lead you to the price; an amusing activity your kids are bound to adore!

The next day will introduce you to the vast history and heritage of the region with our family mythology tour of the Acropolis & Acropolis Museum lead by a friendly archaeologist who will keep your kids entertained with tales of the historic past. Learn the history behind not only each and every one of the Acropolis’ monuments, but also the exhibits the excavations brought to light and are now housed at the Acropolis Museum.

Now it is time to indulge your inner foodie! Visit the Central Market and go behind the scenes in Athens to taste authentic Greek cuisine on a food and walking tour led by a knowledgeable guide. Experience daily life in the city as you visit a variety of eateries and discover culinary gems that are favourites of the locals.