Upon your arrival in Munich, your designated chauffeur will be awaiting you at the airport’s Arrival area, holding a placard bearing your name. Your seamless journey begins here.

After checking-in at your hotel, meet your private expert guide and embark on an enchanting exploration of Munich, a city that effortlessly harmonizes history and modernity. With over 850 years of legacy, Munich invites you to traverse its captivating past. Behold the grandeur of Marienplatz, the city’s central square, adorned with stunning 13th-century architecture. Wander through the elegant Englischer Garten, a serene oasis amidst the urban landscape, and absorb the lively atmosphere of the Viktualienmarkt.

While Munich is celebrated for its historical sites, it is equally renowned for its culinary finesse. Delight in the synthesis of traditional and innovative flavors that grace its gastronomic scene. As you immerse yourself in the local way of life, allow your guide to introduce you to a hidden culinary gem of Munich, where you can relish an authentic dinner experience that resonates with the city’s essence.