Indulge in a delectable exploration of Slovenian culinary delights during this captivating food tour in Ljubljana! You’re in for a culinary adventure that will tantalize your taste buds with a carefully curated selection of 10 food and drink tastings, handpicked by our enthusiastic local food expert. From the exquisite flavors of Slovenian wine to the mouthwatering delights like the iconic Potica pastry, get ready to savor a delightful array of culinary treasures. Be sure to arrive with a hearty appetite, as this experience promises to leave you thoroughly satisfied.

Our culinary journey in Ljubljana goes beyond the delicious food on your plate; it’s a cultural immersion that offers insights into the heart of the city. As you savor authentic local bites, ranging from savory to sweet, and sip on delightful beverages, you’ll also have the opportunity to explore Ljubljana’s iconic landmarks.