DAY 5: BOHINJ & Tour of Postojna Cave & Predjama Castle

Discover the captivating Predjama Castle, the only in the world in-cave castle, steeped in local myths and legends, during a delightful day trip from Bohinj. This historical gem, dating back to the Middle Ages, has preserved its enigmatic charm through the ages. Among its many legendary inhabitants, Erazem Predjamski remains a prominent figure, the hero of numerous local tales.

Following your visit to Predjama Castle, embark on an exhilarating journey to the renowned Postojna Caves, a natural wonder of astonishing proportions. These caves, ranking as the second largest in the world, have been meticulously sculpted by nature over millions of years. Inside, you’ll be mesmerized by the intricate formations of dripstones, rendering this cave system one of the world’s most exquisite.

Your adventure within the Postojna Caves begins with a scenic electric train ride that transports you into the heart of this subterranean marvel. Once inside, an expert guide will lead you through the most captivating and fascinating sections of the cave, offering you an up-close encounter with the astonishing beauty of this underground world. Prepare to be awe-inspired by the wonders of nature that have unfolded over countless millennia.